Wholesale Club Membership


Welcome to our Wholesale Department Store. With a Fritz & Henrikson's membership you can save money on things like clothing, makeup, travel packages, furniture, movie tickets & more. We focus on only buying products that our members actually want and getting the lowest prices we can. Then, aside from administrative costs, we sell those items to you at or close to the wholesale price. 

Also, enjoy the convenience of same day pick up until 9PM at our Oakdale pick up location. 

Every month we drop new items in all of our departments. Supplies are always limited, so please act fast. On most items you get an unconditional guarantee and no hassle returns for up to 6 months.      

With other stores you're stuck with paying higher prices for quality or saving money by buying cheaply made products. With us, you never have to make that trade off. We only offer top quality clothing & products. And you always pay wholesale prices instead of steep markups. What you see here is just the start. Every month we'll add new products and categories to choose from.